"There has never been a better time for Californians to help America."

Who We Are

Organizing for California supports the advocacy and resistance movements that reflect the best of America and its diversity and our willingness to come together to make a difference in each of our lives. Join us as we work peacefully in unifying our communities to create real change from the grassroots to the grasstops. We work for peace and justice for all - we are organizing for you. OfCA



What We Do


We are proud community organizers using grassroots action to make positive changes in our local communities, region and state. 

Join us in the challenge of developing and  building support in your community. One cannot measure the value of a strong and united base for the cause.


Bringing Californians together to help with the common cause for the common good. 

Whether we are mobilizing volunteers or voters to take an action our efficiency  based strategies are unparalleled.

Mobilization matters.


Education is a powerful tool for recruiting and retaining knowledgeable, committed volunteers in our organization. Whether working with a partner organization that addresses health, poverty, disabilities, politics, animals, environment, or another cause, we can incorporate volunteer and voter education and/or skill training into any of our programs.  


Organizing for California is a Nonprofit Organization

 OfCA is a non-partisan, civic engagement issue advocacy organization.

Contributions or gifts to Organizing for California are not tax deductible as charitable contributions or as business expenses under IRC Section 162(e).